We are a global IT company
We provide full-cycle solutions for IT products starting from products development to bringing them to the market

We are a global IT company
We provide full-cycle solutions for IT products starting from products development to bringing them to the market
The company today:
  • full-cycle IT company driven by technological innovation and innovative ideas
  • a number of qualified specialists involved
  • numerous monthly active users
  • plenty of international partners around the globe
  • huge marketing budgets
Our values:
  • we are open-minded
  • we are committed
  • we walk the extra mile
  • we bring value
  • we enjoy our journey
Our mission is to connect people around the globe and expand their horizons by means of safety social entertainment
What we do
What we do
IT product development
Providing solutions for social discovery cross-border online communication platform by developing engaging, dynamic and user-friendly products together with helping users to reach them
Social Discovery is a new form of people interactions, under which they meet each other via internet.
Ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is about to boost industry growth in the coming future. Recent tremendous increase in digital communication is not expected to fade away given sustainable changes in communication patterns.
We are happy to be a team helping people to meet challenges of remaining socially connected without reducing their personal relations
Within product development and operations we provide:

  • Vehicles for cross-border communication between people from different geographies, of different cultures, interests, nationalities, religions, languages etc.
  • Possibilities to find partners for communication, travelling together, studying foreign languages, having fun etc.
  • User-friendly interface of our products
  • Regular updates to ensure we are up-to-date
  • Wide range of tools to communicate – chats, photos, music, gifts
  • Convenient ways to connect – mobile and web
  • Android and iOs mobile apps placed in App store and Google Play
  • Attentive customer support teams
Performance marketing
With a team of talented and creative professionals, 6+ years of internet marketing experience and partnerships with major global marketing platforms we develop and market competitive B2C online products for social discovery industry
Under performance marketing we offer:

  • 6+ years of industry experience
  • Dozens of marketing partners
  • Partnerships with major marketing platforms
  • Up-to-date network of industry partners
  • Attractive ROI resulted from proper traffic sources
  • Transparent system of performance tracking
  • Data-driven approach
  • Highly customized marketing campaigns
  • Online security engineers ensuring safety
Our main marketing partners
Our offices
Being a global IT-company we create value for users all over the world by employing the best people from different locations
Our Cyprus office
Cyprus office is our main office where our marketing and IT product development teams are located. We do our best to make it as comfortable as possible creating environment where our employees feel themselves at home
Our Kyiv office
In Kyiv office located in the historic city center our team of IT developers enjoy all the benefits of one of the leading IT location in Eastern Europe. Being a part of developed local IT ecosystem they are engaged in cross-border knowledge sharing
Contact us
Contact us